Monday, September 19, 2016


So, I have been MIA.  We left for vacation and immediately upon our return, school started again.  Being an elementary teacher and a mom, school often takes over my life.  Homework, meetings, and school work demand most of my time when I am not spending time with my children. 

There were some challenges over the past couple months that I was worried about derailing my fitness goals.  The first was our vacation.  We took a cruise through the Bahamas and cruises are notorious for food consumption.  I am pleased to say that I lost a pound on vacation.  I kept up with my workout plan and while I indulged, I didn't overindulge.  That was a big deal for me.

I was also worried that going back to work would also prevent me from reaching my goals, but guess what?! I am making it work! I am running with Dave's Marathon in Training Group, completing Beachbody workouts on the off days, and I do Linebacker training once a week at the YMCA.  I did a side by side recently to see my progress and I was blown away.  I am attaching it to this post.  Hard work pays off y'all!

Now that fall is headed our way, it brings with it my favorite race season.  The holiday runs are my favorite.  The MacQueen's one in October has a 10k, 5k and kids run so my family can go with me.  And this year will be the first year that I will run Dave's Turkey Chase.  I have family staying for the holiday and I am bound and determined to bring one or two with them with me. 

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