Sunday, November 13, 2016

I finally feel like a runner

Yesterday I ran my fifth half marathon.  I spent the last 16 weeks training with Dave's Marathon in Training group.  Between that and my workout for 100 days challenge I have gotten in really good shape.  My goal was to beat my pr for a half marathon which was my first with a time of 1:59.38.  I trained with the 2:02 pace group so I knew it could be possible except the Churchill's course is very hilly and could be a challenge.

As I was running I had never felt better during a race.  I started out with the 2 hour pacer and decided that I could run faster and still feel good.  I didn't feel the need check my watch or play the mental games in my head like counting the miles.  I just kept running and it felt good.  Really good.  At one point I looked around me and like three runners on all sides of me had Boston Marathon jackets on.  I decided I was in good company and was pretty impressed with myself (lol). I didn't take water at the water stops like I did in the past.  I carried water and just kept running.  I attacked the hills and only paused for a minute, at the top of the hill at Sidecut.  There was a little girl standing there at the top looking at me and imploring me to keep going.  So I did. And I crushed my pr.  I finished in 1:54.36. Holy smokes. Never did I imagine I could run a half in that time.  I didn't hurt at mile 11 like I usually do.  I felt amazing and crossing that finish line knowing I crushed my pr was incredible.  I can't wait to see what spring training will bring.  Now I need to get through the holidays without gaining 10 pounds of holiday weight!