Sunday, October 23, 2016

Busy busy

So it's been awhile since I posted, but I assure you I have been busy working on my goals!  31 days ago I committed to working out for 100 days in a row.  I know it was 31 days ago because I have worked out for 31 days straight.  I am including some sweaty selfies as proof!  I am hoping to be hot for the holidays!

In the past 31 days I ran a 10k at MacQueen's Orchard, a local running event put on by RunToledo.  While at the race, I met up with some friends and also other Mercy Health Glass City Marathon ambassadors.  They are a great group of people.  My oldest daughter ran the kid's race and had a blast doing it.  The best were the doughnuts we got to have afterwards.  MacQueen's has the best donuts hand's down!! I surprised myself at the race, because I ran it in 51:05, an 8:14 pace.  I have never run a race that distance that fast.  I am hoping my streak continues in 3 weeks when I run the Churchill's Half Marathon.  At the end of my 16 weeks of training with Dave's Marathon in Training group and am looking forward to a great race to culminate my training. 

Keep looking for blog posts.  I will be raffling off entries to the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon.  My fellow ambassadors and I are each holding a raffle.  Stay tuned!

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